Thursday, February 21, 2008

Locks in a Play!

I was invited to sing in a short story play by Ms. Dona Gassaway Mitchell, who is a Artistic Playwright, Poet, Actress, Artist & Songwriter and Ms. Irma P. Hall was in the play too.
This is the second play Ms. Gassaway has invited me too and I loved working with her family. They are very nice people.

The play was called "AIDS in the Hood" and it was to make people aware of AIDS in our community. We did it at the African American Arts Museum in Dallas.

My closing song was Yolanda Adams, The Battle is Not Yours It's the Lords and Ms. Hall shared a story with me and my Mom about how that song helped her through the death of a family member.
Ms. Hall was so nice and gave me lots of hugs she has beautiful braids too!


Maryee said...

You can't go wrong with singing a Yolanda song. She used to be a member of my church when I lived in Houston. I'm sure you'll meet her one day. Congrats on your success and achievement. Miss Maryee's proud of ya!!!

Mel said...

I love your hair. I got mine put in two weeks ago. I look forward to reading more of your blog :-)